Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phone service expands eDoc's Reach

One of the limitations to eDoc's information services is that one has to have a computer linked to the internet. This, of course, is not always possible. So, if you're away from your computer, don't have a link to the internet, or may simply not have internet access at all or may not even own a computer, you can communicate with us by telephone.

Since our service is "asynchronous", meaning provider and client are not connected in real time, we do this by using a unique telephone interface that records your message and transmits it to the eDoc providers in a voice file that we can open and listen to at our computers. We then can type an answer to your question and our system calls you back and "reads" our answer over the phone. It has a little bit of a "robot" sound, since the text to voice technology is not actually a human talking.

I encourage you to put the phone number in your directory and, the next time you need to ask us a question, but aren't close to your computer, give this new technology and try. Then, let us know how you like it or how well it worked for you.

By using technology the folks at eDoc are trying to improve your health, and the health care system, by making it easy and convenient to get the answers you need, from reliable professionals, at the time you them them.

Thanks for using eDocAmerica.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

eDoc Launches New Site for Individuals

If you are an individual, not associated with a corporation or group that already has eDoc benefits, log on to our new site and check us out. This new plan allows you to access to eDoc services free for the first month, then for the low price of $11.99 a month after that.

Give us a try. I believe you will find our services to be second to none in the category of reliable, on line health information.