Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fasting Is Good for You

As someone raised in a religious family, I have always been fascinated by fasting. It played such an important role in the Bible. I also grew up in the 60s and fasting was a popular way of protesting. In medicine, little credit has been given to fasting, yet it is a way for type 2 overweight diabetics to get their blood sugars down, and fasting is one way to lose weight (live off your body for a day, staying hydrated with water).

The Associated Press today reports on a study by Intermountain Healthcare in Utah that showed that Mormons who fasted once a month had 40% less chance of being diagnosed with clogged arteries, and had fewer heart attacks.

Consider fasting if you are overweight. Check with you physician to find out which medicines you should take during your fast and which you should not. Remember to drink water, so your body can continue its functions and excrete the breakdown products of living off your stored fat. Say somewhat active so your muscles (body protein) gets maintained.

Fasting is not easy, and I think it builds your willpower and personal strength.

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