Thursday, January 3, 2008

Successful Dieting for Weight Loss

Losing weight is probably the most common New Year's resolution. Losing weight and keeping it off is hard work. If you are reading this, you may be among the many who are working at it.

My local San Diego Union Tribune had a very nice article in the Jan. 1, 08 issue called "Dieting Detours" by R.J. Ignelzi. I'd like to give you some of the highlights I thought were great practical suggestions. The bold topics are his, the comments are mine. A dieting detour is something which knocks you off course in your quest for weight loss.

Eating in a Restaurant: People who eat out, eat more than at home. Restaurants sell large portions to please you (they think) and keep you coming back. Don't eat it all! You may have grown up like I did with the "always clean your plate" culture. Only eat what you need to satisfy your hunger and send the rest back! You will feel good about that. Tell them what you want: You do not have to get the food like they want, make it the way you want. Hold the butter and put the salad dressing on the side are good starters, and save many calories and fat intake. Beware of buffets: This is where you eat multiple plates just because you can. Have a plan and make sure you only eat the meal you really need.

Family Gatherings: Be sure what you bring is healthy. Be conscious to only eat what you need. If you cannot help but eat more, burn some of that before and after the event through exercise. Burn what you eat is a great rule for maintaining weight.

Vacations: On vacation you will usually eat out more, so the first category above is important. Avoid alcohol in larger amounts. Alcohol is very high in calories and makes you store as fat much of what you eat. Stay active: Plan exercise into your daily routine, much like at home. My wife hates cruises because of all the food and the weight gain. I love them, and jog the deck and use the fitness center every day. I get off the ship stronger with no weight gain.

I hope these ideas will help you with successful weight loss for 2008.
Healthy New Year!

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