Monday, October 26, 2009

New Journal for Health Professionals and Patients Launches with Ambitious Ideas

Last week at the Connected Health Symposium in Boston, a new journal was launched, The Journal of Participatory Medicine ( This journal's mission is to transform the culture of medicine to be more participatory. This special introductory issue is a collection of essays that will serve as the 'launch pad' from which the journal will grow. I would like to ask you to log on and read these essays and help us as we connect patients, caregivers, and health professionals.

I am one of the Journal's Co Editors. The other is Jessie Gruman, PhD, founder and president of the Center for Advancing Health, a Washington-based nonprofit organization funded by the Annenberg, Macarthur, Kellogg Foundations and others. The Center works to increase patient engagement. She holds BA from Vassar College and a PhD from Columbia University teaches at The George Washington University. Jessie authored The Experience of the American Patient: Risk, Trust and Choice (2009); Behavior Matters (2008) and AfterShock: What to Do When the Doctor Gives You -- or Someone You Love -- a Devastating Diagnosis (2007).

Please take a look and send us your ideas.

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